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It has become a customary routine for me to enter the local grocery stores, in search of what I call, “my happy juice.” Usually it is accompanied by a tasty frozen pizza, or pasta, or any other food item that screams, “I have no life outside of school.”

It’s the same conversation with the cashier every time. “Looks like you’re going to have a good night,” she would say. I can never tell if this is sarcasm, or if she really thinks my one-pot meal and bottle of wine looks like a great night. But I smile politely and say, “Why, thank you, I surely will.”

My taste for wine is not a matured one, in fact, nothing scares me more than a bitter red wine that leaves my mouth dry and gasping for water like a dying fish. With the reluctance to enjoy the acidic taste of alcohol in general, my taste buds my taste buds pointed me in the direction of the sweetest wine possible.

Based on my college student budget, I’d say, I usually have about $10 to spare. And in the back aisle of Walmart and the tucked away corner of Hy-Vee, there are perfect choices for wine that can adequately fit into the tiny budget.

My search for the sweetest wine with the highest alcohol percentage has indeed been a feat, as I rummaged through wine aisle after wine aisle, and discovering that all pretty bottles and pink colored beverages are not sweet.

So to fellow wine guzzlers, soon-to-be wine guzzlers and dainty sippers, I’ve provided the perfect adult desserts for your lonely nights, girls’ night ins, movie nights and more.

Cupcake Moscato

This yellow-capped, deliciously sweet moscato captured my taste buds and my heart. It delicately caresses your mouth with an aroma of nectarines and honey, accompanied by the flavorful cocktail of peach, apricot and melon. For about $8 at Walmart and a 9.5 percent alcohol volume, it is the perfect sugared buzz for an affordable price.

Bella Bolle Moscato D’Asti

Crisp splendid citrus aromas with hints of floral, this wine is delicately sweet with the flavor of tangerine and nectar and fine, fizzing bubbles. Sweeter than a regular moscato, this is perfect for those with a sweet tooth and goes great with spicy dishes for dinner.

Beringer Main & Vine Rose Sangria

If one enjoys a summertime feast of sugared fruits or a nice sangria in the afternoon, this wine is perfect. A rose paired with melons and an assortment of sweet berries, this combination of white and red is a great detour from pale moscatos. A 9.5 percent alcohol volume gives a nice buzz.

Duck Commander Pink Moscato

For the Duck Dynasty fans, these fellows have branded more than the duck call. The 2012 Duck Commander Miss Priss Pink Moscato begins with a sweet and fruity smell of strawberry, raspberry, orange and watermelon accompanied by an abundance of honeysuckle. The wine tastes sugary sweet and delicious, ideal for the present sweet Moscato sweethearts and a 9.5 percent alcohol volume.

Unfortunately, this particular wine looks to be discontinued from Walmart, though it can be found online for as little as $4.

Stone Hill Pink Catawba

Locally produced in Hermann, Missouri, this fruity, light, sweet rosé-style wine is full of the famous Catawba flavor. This makes for a great after-dinner wine or perfect with cheese and fruit. Catawba grape is the primary variety in the blend, with some white European-American hybrid grapes blended in. It is cold fermented to retain the fresh fruit aromas and flavors. Stone Hill runs it at about $6 at local grocery stores, though drink this bad boy responsibly, as the alcohol percentage is 11.5 percent.

I discovered drinking wine is an adventure.The uniqueness of each wine, bringing the feeling of traveling through Italy, France or Spain with each decadent sip. And through this process I find a winner to add to my counter top every time.

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