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The “Letters from…” project was created in partnership with the Northwest Missourian Editorial Board, Northwest Wellness Services and North Star Advocacy Center, and will be a part of the opinion section. The series will run from the March 24 issue of the paper throughout the month of April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. A portion of submitted letters will be published in print, and all eligible letters during the length of the series will be published at nwmissourinews.com.

The project’s purpose is to give a platform for survivors of sexual assault to share their stories anonymously. The letters are a series of first-hand accounts of consent and sexual violence from Northwest students. We want to show them their voice matters, not only to other survivors but also to those who have not experienced sexual assault in their own lives. 

We hope the project will shed light on a harrowing reality oft-ignored and undiscussed and will provide encouragement to those who read it as well. Survivors have often been maligned and ridiculed by media outlets and society as a whole. The Editorial Board, along with its partners, is seeking to use the project as an opportunity to reverse that trend.

Through this project, survivors are encouraged to be as open and honest with their stories as they wish.

Survivors wishing to share their stories can submit letters to lettersfrom00@gmail.com. We ask that submissions are free of names, quotes that could link directly to an individual, or calls to action that could harm oneself or others. Letters will be edited for grammar and AP style. If your letter does not meet the criteria initially, feel free to resubmit with edits.

Please understand that in submitting a letter, you agree that The Missourian can edit the letter for the aforementioned reasons. The Editorial Board will not edit submitted letters for content or in any way attempt to change the story we receive.

The Editorial Board, Wellness Services and North Star will not share any confidential information, including email addresses, with any outside sources. Those wishing for an extra seal of anonymity are encouraged to create a new email account to send the letter.

The email submission will remain open after the semester is over. Those wishing to submit a letter at that point are encouraged to do so, although publication may not occur for some time.

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