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I have the pleasure of serving as the Interfraternity Council Vice President of Membership/Development for 2019.

Northwest’s Greek Life is an exciting community to be part of, and I am thankful for your interest. I have learned a variety of lessons throughout my time as a fraternity man at Northwest, and I hope the following tips prove to be helpful in the recruitment process.

1. Keep an open mind

Do not fixate on one group throughout the recruitment process. Keep your eyes and opinions open.

This behavior will lead to a more meaningful experience and will help you maximize your exposure to multiple organizations. Due to there being seven fraternities on Northwest’s campus, you will have the opportunity to visit everyone, so be sure to check out each fraternity.

2. Check your peers

One of the best parts of recruitment is the opportunity to build relationships with fellow freshman men. With that being said, it is important to check the other guys that are at the recruitment events as well as the members that are near your age because these are the people you will likely spend your entire college career with.

3. Check the upperclassmen

Another important aspect of recruitment is meeting older members. These are the juniors and seniors in the fraternity.

As older members, they have been involved the longest and have the most insight to provide on the fraternity. Look to these older members and ask yourself, “Are these the kind of guys I want to be like when I am older?”

Whether that question is answered due to your college major, campus involvement, personal convictions or other factors, asking this question will only enhance the recruitment process.

4. Seek meaningful conversations and relationships

Recruitment is all about meeting people. Let these interactions be meaningful and enjoyable.

A good way to do this is ask questions revolving around chapter atmosphere such as, “What is the most looked forward to event of the year?” or “How have you changed as a result of your time here at _____?” Asking such questions will make a good impression to the chapters.

This is such an incredible time to broaden your horizons, so do not squander it by staying in your comfort zone. Get out there and meet people; you will not regret it.

Aidan Kocis

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