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This opinion piece has a number of serious problems, including over-generalizations based on a 45-year-old rat study the author says has been replicated in other species, including humans.

Such a claim needs referenced studies that can be verified. (For a more recent article about both male and female sexual behavior, see “Hormones and the Coolidge Effect,” available in full text from the library.)

The columnist also draws unfounded and very unfortunate conclusions about the role of race, religion and political affiliation in this world of “animal instincts.”

The viewpoint that “men shouldn’t be scrutinized for doing what comes naturally to them” both demeans men and seeks to control women.

At the very least, because of sexually transmitted infections, all persons have the right to know if they are partnering with someone who is having a sexual relationship with others. At worst, in this hetero normative, married-only snapshot of human partnerships, women are painted as powerless victims.

We hope this student and all of us will learn something from the experience of carefully reading and evaluating information. As Bearcats, we all can speak and write with greater thoughtfulness.

- Northwest Ally Group

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