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Saturday home football games in Maryville always lead to the same two outcomes: an exciting Saturday afternoon followed by a Sunday featuring a trash-ridden campus.

It’s no secret. Taking a walk around after a home football game, it’s impossible to miss the garbage littered across the grass and parking lots near the stadium.

Downtown Maryville is no different. While walking around downtown, trash can be seen blowing across the streets like tumbleweeds out of a western movie.

A few Sunday mornings ago, Sept. 15, was different. Members of Northwest fraternity Delta Sigma Phi took time out of their morning to cleanup the grass tailgating lot outside of the stadium. Because of their work the Sunday morning was met with a clean, beautiful campus unlike other Sundays after home football games.

Northwest students should strive to do what Delta Sigma Phi did — taking care of our campus by cleaning up trash at events.

With Homecoming right around the corner, students should keep this in mind, especially during the Homecoming parade Oct. 26.

The parade consists of numerous organizations at Northwest and the Homecoming royalty making their way down 4th Street towards Main Street, where the parade will end. Leading the parade will be the Bearcat Marching Band providing cheerful music in their shining new uniforms to get everyone in the Homecoming spirit.

Just like any other parade, this one consists of the participants bringing candy and miscellaneous swag to toss out to the Maryville and Northwest community spectators. With this, inevitably comes trash and waste being left on the ground, whether it’s in the street, on sidewalks or speckled throughout the grass.

As members of this community, students should take some time after the parade to help ensure any and all trash is properly taken care of. Even if it seems inconvenient, grab that candy wrapper blowing away off into the road — it’ll help keep our community clean and inviting.

All it takes is a few extra minutes after a tailgate party to clean up your trash or to quickly check under your seat in the stadium to see if you dropped anything.

Keeping the campus looking sharp is just one of the several benefits to taking care of trash after campus events. If students manage their trash at events, it also helps free up the time of Northwest faculty members tasked with cleaning up after events. By taking care of our trash, they’re able to dedicate their time to cleaning and maintaining other parts of campus.

It also drastically helps the environment. While it may not seem like much, every little step towards taking care of the environment matters, and picking up garbage is no exception.

Enjoy the Homecoming festivities and parade, Bearcats. And after eating that piece of candy you get from the parade, make sure to get the wrapper to a trash can.

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