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The 2021 NFL offseason has the potential to become one of the craziest offseasons since Payton Manning left the Colts to become a Bronco.     

Almost half of the league's franchises are looking to either unload their current quarterback or to upgrade with the hope of becoming an immediate Super Bowl contender.

The first move of the offseason happened when the Los Angeles Rams traded QB Jared Goff, a pair of first-round picks and a third-round pick to the Detroit Lions in exchange for QB Mathew Stafford, ESPN reported. 

This is a significant trade, as the Rams will be able to offload Goff’s contract that was signed just more than a year ago. It also sets the Rams up to go seven years without a first round pick, Rams Wire reported. 

The next big trade occurred last week when the Philadelphia Eagles traded QB Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts. That trade sent a third-round pick and a conditional second that can turn into a first if Wentz plays enough games. Between the Goff and Wentz trade, the first two overall picks in the 2016 draft have been moved off of their drafted team rosters.

These two trades are not the only QB moves that will happen this offseason. 

Deshaun Watson has publicly shown his displeasure in the direction of the Houston Texans and wants to play for a team that has some playoff aspiration or, at the very least, a team that has a better coaching staff. That is why so many different teams have been discussed in trade offers. The most prevalent have been the Denver Broncos, New York Jets, Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins and Carolina Panthers.

With Watson being a top five quarterback in the league, according to Pro Football Focus, it makes sense that so many teams are trying to get him on their team. In fact, the Panthers general manager Scott Fitterer told Bleacher Report they “will be in on every deal.”

The NFL has never seen a non-injured quarterback in his prime coming off of his statistically best season

For those that fail to get Watson and are too high in the draft to realistically trade up to get a top prospect in the draft, like the Bears, Patriots, 49ers or Steleers, they need to figure out other ways to get off their quarterbacks that have held them back in the past.

The Bears, for example, sit at the No. 20 overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft. This is too high in the draft to realistically trade down to a top 10 pick to grab a top prospect without trading away the future of your franchise. Mitchell Trubisky is holding back that team from making a deep playoff run. This puts them in a real pickle.

The 49ers have a QB that can’t stay healthy in Jimmy Garoppolo. There is an old saying in sports: “You can’t make the club from the tub.” In other words, if you continue to be injured, you can’t be part of the team, especially in a league that has a salary cap

The Patriots had one of the worst QB situations in the league once Tom Brady left the team last offseason. Their starting QB has only eight passing touchdowns, according to Pro Football Focus, making him 34th in the league. There are only 32 teams, meaning he was worse than two backups.   

All of the potential changes at the QB position this offseason will continue to leave NFL super fans such as myself on the edge of our seats, leaving this offseason to be one of the most active QB markets in recent memory. 

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