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The age-long debate of whether dogs are better than cats, and vice versa, is one of the most ridiculous and unnecessary arguments.

It’s understandable why people get in heated debates about the topic, but in the end, all it amasses to is people just talking over each other’s ideas with neither side willing to budge or listen.

After a while, it seems more like people are arguing for argument's sake. If they are going to compare dogs to cats, then they can compare apples to oranges.

Statistically speaking, dogs have the same effects on human stress levels as cats do.

According to the director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond Dr. Alan Beck, dogs and cats both help to lower blood pressure, increase cardiovascular health, help with depression and increase people’s self-esteem.

Actually just owning a pet, regardless of species, will generally help people since the animals really do become part of the family.

For all pet owners, it really all depends on their preferences and behaviors.

If they don’t like having to clean up much and get easily stressed out from messes, a dog probably wouldn’t fit their lifestyle. A cat would work better for the owner’s habits and ensure they would be less stressed.

The same goes for cats. If someone wants to exercise more, a dog would be perfect since most of them require daily activities, like walking.

Taking care of animals will always be a chore, no matter which pet is chosen.

While owners may get tired of having to take the dog out every so often, cleaning out the cat’s litter box could be seen as far worse.

Some people say they love dogs because dogs love everyone, but that doesn’t mean cats can’t be affectionate towards others as well.

Also, in this debate about which animal is supreme, there seems to always be something nobody considers: the breed of the animal.

This helps determine what personality someone is looking for in the pet.

There are quite a few active cats that could outdo dogs, like the Savannah cat and the Devon Rex. Both are very active breeds that are constantly looking for some form of entertainment.

While cats are known for being more laid back and reserved, there are breeds of dogs that exemplify this same quality, such as Bulldogs and Saint Bernards. They are complete couch potatoes who are known for their calm demeanor and patience.

If people simply accepted that both animals are equally valuable with their own merits, then they would be saving a lot more energy for arguments that really matter.

I’m not saying having a preference is bad, but you shouldn’t outright continue arguing over which is better, especially since they have nearly the same effect on their owners.

While some people love dogs more than cats, others love cats more than dogs. It’s just a fact. Everybody has their own opinion and should be able to love their animal unconditionally, no matter its species.

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