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Cheating is defined as the act of being sexually unfaithful, according to Oxford.

While it is true that some animals mate for life (social monogamy), not many animals truly practice sexual monogamy. Almost 5% of all animals practice monogamy, with some even practicing sexual monogamy, including the black vulture.

Similar to the risk that humans often face, if a black vulture is caught cheating on its partner it will be attacked by a group of fellow vultures. A whopping 95% of animals are not monogamous in any way. That begs the question: is it really cheating if two animals are not socially monogamous?

Many animals are sexually active with multiple partners without being in a relationship. Humans do that as well, and that’s not considered cheating since they are not in a relationship. If almost 5% of animals with these supposed “animal instincts” can be sexually monogamous, why can’t humans?

To be human literally means “a human being, especially a person as distinguished from an animal.” To distinguish a human from an animal, many look at human’s intellect. To have intellect is to be able to come to conclusions about what is true or false and how to solve problems, among other things.

To demean the meaning of being human to that of an animal just to justify cheating is ridiculous.

If humans cannot overcome their supposed animal instincts to enact self-control, what separates us from animals in other contexts? Many would argue that our higher intellect aids us in overcoming the urge to act upon our animal instincts in most, if not all, aspects of life.

In animals, fitness is the contribution to the next generation, especially relative to desirable traits; more fitness is a good thing. The point of being sexually promiscuous is to increase fitness, but I can guarantee that not many people know someone that has cheated with the intent of impregnating another or becoming pregnant.

The article in question states that the rat experiment and further testing proves that men are victims of their own evolution. According to Forbes, while strong evidence that supports theories can be provided, science cannot prove anything - only support or not support.

If the data is statistically significant after performing a test, it will support the hypothesis but you can never prove that something is always true or supported. This alone refutes the claim that science “proves” men are victims.

When you cheat on your wife she becomes the victim, and men are once again made out to be less than men. In fact, men are made out to be nothing more than animals.

- Nicole Sommer

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