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College is expensive. I think we can agree the amount of debt we are putting on our plates is ridiculous. 

However, college should not be free. College is a privilege and not a right. 

Our generation seems to believe we have a right to an education, and we do to an extent. But we are not required to move to a new city and take on thousands of dollars in debt to learn Women and Gender Studies. 

The argument for free college is tempting. The idea of getting an education for a whopping zero dollars is an amazing dream; however, it’s just that: a dream of grandeur.

College can’t be free because someone has to pay for it. 

If it’s free like how Sen. Bernie Sanders wants, then it’s adding onto our taxes, which will end up costing Americans more money. In Sanders’ proposed bill, the government would be shelling out $47 billion per year

We are already in debt as a country. We shouldn’t spend so much money on something that isn’t required. 

Again, we have so many options to forge our own paths that don’t require higher education, or at least not college.

Free college does not push students to apply themselves. Think back to high school. 

Think about those kids who were just there because they had to be. Think about those kids who barely put forth the effort to learn. 

If there isn’t a stake invested into higher education, then there is no incentive for students to do their best. When we are competing for scholarships and working a job to pay for school, then we are earning our place at school.

Also, we have more options to get qualified in our desired fields.

Trade schools provide hands-on training and are more cost efficient, and those trades make a ton of money. 

Forget journalism, I should drop out and learn to be a plumber. I will gladly have a plumber’s crack for the rest of my life while I make $46,660 a year.

I know we’ve been told all our lives to go to college. Some of us are the first members of our family to attend college. 

We should be proud, but we also need to be realistic. If I can’t afford a year of college, then it’s up to me to find a way to finance it. 

It’s time we pull ourselves up from our bootstraps and either get serious about finding ways to pay for college or finding an alternative to college.

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