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There were 3,477 distracted driving deaths in 2015, according to the CDC. Distracted driving is a major problem on the roads today. Despite this, most people are guilty of driving distracted at least a few times in their lives. 

Distracted driving can range anywhere from adjusting the radio to the extreme of watching videos on your phone. It’s very unsafe and shouldn’t be practiced by anyone. 

Although these numbers are staggering, a lot of people still believe that distracted driving isn’t a big deal. It has become a normal part of society. 

People think that since they have never gotten a ticket or caused an accident from driving distracted, then it isn’t a problem. This is not the case. 

Everyday, at least nine people are killed due to a distracted driver, according to the DMV’s official website.

Even though someone hasn’t been personally impacted by distracted driving yet, it is bound to happen someday. On average, more than 1,000 people are injured daily in accidents due to a distracted driver, according to Zebra, an auto insurance company.

On average, a driver’s mind can be taken off the road and result in an accident in just three seconds, according to Distracted Driver Accidents, a website that shares statistics on distracted driving accidents.

To avoid the problem, people should either put their phone on Do Not Disturb mode or in the glovebox before getting out on the road.

Even though texting and driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents, causing 25% of all fatal crashes, according to a website that gives tips to help keep teen drivers safe, Teen Safe, one mistake people make when thinking about distracted driving is that it just means texting and talking on the phone. While that is one form, there are actually quite a few different forms of distracted driving. 

Anytime you aren’t driving alone there is the potential to become distracted by the person or people that you are driving with. 

It’s easy for a student to lose focus on what’s in front of them when friends are cracking jokes in the back seat. People need to be careful and make sure that their friends won’t become a distraction before driving them anywhere. 

Another form of distracted driving is adjusting the controls in your car, like the temperature or radio. This is something small, so most people don’t think about it, but it still matters. 

Being distracted on the road could ruin the driver’s life or someone else’s, so it should be a major concern in everyone’s life.

In this day and age, people will always have distractions while driving, but they can limit them to a large extent. In order to prevent accidents, people should be diligent in ignoring distractions while driving.


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