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It might be just me, but there’s something about this world we’re living in that has me completely unmotivated. Even for my classes that have met entirely in person, I can’t seem to gather the courage to a) walk to class and be an active participant or b) do any of the work I’m assigned.

Tests? Forget about it. I’m better off just not trying. It doesn’t help when I spend an entire Zoom meeting bickering with one of my professors over how much we both hate technology. Yes, that actually happened.

All this sitting around I’ve been doing got me thinking about something completely revolutionary: What about those of us who have no interest in leaving our bedrooms just to go to class in person once or twice a week? What’s in it for us? The remedy is quite simple: Stay home and work on your own terms.

Sure, there will be times when synchronous Zoom sessions are necessary, but does it really matter if your next lecture is set in stone at 10 a.m.? If I want to watch said lecture at 7 p.m. that night with a coffee in my hand, then by God, let me do so. Besides, several of my instructors are already preparing for Doomsday by recording their lectures for everyone to review at a later time.

I’m paying a ridiculous amount of money to take these courses; I should be able to decide when and where to learn material. As long as I am able to meet due dates along the way and keep my grades up, who cares?

There will be days when you feel like a trash bag that’s been kicked out to the curb, be it physically, emotionally or mentally. The last thing you want to do in that situation is to put a 20-pound book bag on your back and hike to a building halfway across campus. Especially in this day and age when everyone’s health and safety is of utmost priority, it’s only a matter of common decency. Let those who wish to attend class remotely or asynchronously have the freedom to do so in order to protect themselves and others.

Don’t get me wrong — I know implementing a system like this has plenty of risk involved. There would still be COVID-19 cases on campus. Academic performance would more than likely take a hit from the students who aren’t necessarily as motivated over Zoom.

Zoom and other online platforms like it aren’t perfect. Whatever happens, though, I still think being able to view taped lectures at one’s leisure would benefit many of us on this campus while also keeping us and those we care for, and about, safe.

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