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With finals week upon us, students are now in crunch time. The next week will be spent studying, seeing friends before the break, planning graduation parties or trying to find a job for the next stage of life. 

From a student’s perspective, we have a long week and a half ahead of us — however, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. 

The University gives students and faculty an extended break to take time for themselves. From Dec. 10 through Jan. 11 students are able to focus on anything but school. If able, take the time to do things you enjoy and want to do. The time off is significant, students should push themselves to get the most out of their break. 

Whether you spend your time working, applying for jobs or simply enjoying the break for what it is, students should remember winter break doesn’t have to be sitting around doing nothing. Although it’s a transition between semesters, it’s also a time where you can spend doing things you haven’t been able to, rather than focusing on classwork.

Long breaks are awkward to plan for. If you account for a week of holiday activities and time spent with family, that still leaves you almost three weeks of time to fill. Everyone recharges in a different way, so take care of yourself and do what is best for you. 

For those graduating in May, this is a much needed break. Planning your future can be stressful and trying to find a job with the degree that you spent the last few years working on isn’t easy. On top of that, figuring out where you want to live and looking for a new place to call home can take a toll on you. Having a month free from school will help to figure out the unknowns.

The holidays are expensive. Your bank account will likely take a hit these next few weeks because of the random trips to Starbucks, presents purchased and gas you’ll spend driving around because you’re bored. If you enjoyed your summer job, this would be the perfect time to earn that money back or get a little spending money by working for a few extra weeks. With holidays being a busy time for everyone, companies are always looking for extra help to take on the season. 

There are several sporting events going on during the break as well. On a professional level, the World Cup, NFL, NBA and more are all occurring. The World Cup occurs every four years, the NFL season is getting closer to playoffs and the NBA Christmas games are all big events.

Bearcat Athletics are also going to be busy. Students who are involved in sports during break are not able to go home as long, due to practices and games. Supporting them would be a great way to spend an evening. Games are free for students, and it’s always fun to cheer on our teams. Sports are a great excuse to gather friends and watch a game together.  

During the holidays there is no better time spent than with those closest to you. By watching movies, cooking or any other holiday activity of choice, you are creating memories with them. This is also the perfect time to spend arguing with those same people. The holiday season isn’t complete without a game of Monopoly gone wrong or problems in the kitchen that cause a scene. For the majority of students, time with family can be rare. Holidays spent back home allows you to make up for the lost time by spending it with friends and family. 

Your winter break can be spent doing many different things. The beauty of it is that it’s your break, so enjoy it. The Editorial Board hopes you have the best break possible, and we will see you next year.

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