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As the month of April, and the school year, nears its end, it’s about time for students to start preparing to move into their new housing locations. Most leases in Maryville expire April 30, and if you haven’t found a way to hold your stuff until your new place is available, good luck.

Finals are usually the first week of May, and the same rings true for graduation. Usually, graduating seniors request to stay an extra week to celebrate, enjoy their ceremonial walk and be a general inconvenience for the next tenants. However, it’s not entirely the fault of those who request to stay longer but the fault of the realtors who lease to college students knowing they’ll need to stay longer than April 30.

The school calendar stays pretty consistent and is announced ahead of time. It’s confusing why leases don’t just start in the second week of May.

What kind of sense does it make to boot students out of their living arrangements before they’re done needing the space?

For freshmen who are planning to move off campus, life is a little easier for you. Freshmen are guaranteed the privilege of staying on campus until finals are finished — after May 1. However, moving from one off-campus location to another is troublesome.

Some landlords expect students to pack up their stuff at the end of the month and be out of the house before May 1, but they don’t provide a place to put their belongings during the transition. This causes students to panic, buying temporary storage to put their stuff in until they’re allowed to relocate. It also leaves tenants without a place to sleep, eat or just exist.

Landlords should have a move-in, move-out time period to allow students to make sure their new place is ready to be moved into. Some landlords do allow for a week extension at the end of the month but require the tenants to request it near the beginning of the lease. With students’ plans constantly changing, especially after the first semester, it’s difficult to tell whether they’ll need an extra week.

There could be a fallout between roommates, difficulty finding time to move belongings or other unforeseen circumstances that life often brings. For many students out of state, it’s not ideal for them to send their belongings home before moving and slowly transfer items through various visits throughout the summer.

Additionally, some landlords decide to have work done on properties before new tenants take it over. And, they aren’t always clear about this up front. Sometimes not even giving tenants a target date for when they will be able to move into the property they are paying to live at.

This can range from a few days to a month. It would be wise for landlords to allocate time, even if it's two weeks, for tenants to wait for their new homes for the year to be emptied and prepared for them to make the transition.

It’s even more difficult for student-athletes to find time to move out properly. This year, Bearcat baseball, golf, softball and track and field will be out of town around or on the day that leases expire. These athletes probably didn’t know their schedule until after their landlords requested to know if they planned to resign the lease or not for the following year.

Those who are moving into houses that need work done will be forced to sleep on a couch at someone else’s place and store their belongings somewhere else. It’s inconvenient and, honestly, makes the landlords look bad. I’m sure landlords don’t care too much about their image as long as they’re getting paid. However, it’s wrong to expect tenants to clean the house and vacate with zero time or accommodations to do so.

In a market ruled by Northwest and its students, the businesses should be a little more considerate of Bearcat students. Landlords and real estate owners need to implement better procedures to help move tenants in and out of properties.

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