With the development of the Tenaska Clear Creek Generating Station, the idea of renewable energy has been on forefront of many minds.

There is no denying renewable energy sources are a huge need these days. Petroleum, coal and other traditional sources of energy are dying resources. People need more than just cleaner options, they need options of cleaner energy.

The Tenaska Clear Creek Generating Station is helping provide wind energy as an option for Nodaway county residences. Not only is it being minimally invasive to the landscape, it is also boosting our economy with a slew of jobs. It is receiving support from community leaders and those affected by a wind farm being in Nodaway county. There is no room to disapprove Tenaska creating a plant in Maryville.

The idea of wind power is ideal for places like Maryville because it allows members of the community to choose what kinds of energy they want fueling their homes. It lets capitalism take its natural course, so consumers will not have to pay exponentially more for cleaner energy.

This is not the only example of renewable energy in Maryville. Each building of the Maryville school district has solar panels and Northwest uses different types of fuel combined with recycling. Not only are Bearcats green on game days, but we also have the option to be green everyday thanks to clean energy like this.

One of the possible downsides to this project is the effect it could have on Northwest’s enrollment. Many people come to Northwest for the small town feeling and close community. With the boom of jobs becoming available, Maryville will most likely grow in population, losing some of the small town charm and possibly affecting how potential students feel about attending Northwest. Though, it could also attract other students who are passionate about the environment, negating this potential downside.

Another argument concerns how notoriously noisy wind farms are. Noise pollution is an increasing problem concerning how much noise we pump into the air and the danger it poses to humans and wildlife. A simpler way of saying it: unwanted noise interferes with daily activities such as sleeping, eating and talking. On the surface it may not seem like a big deal, but it is much more than an annoyance. A report from the Environmental Protection Agency website said there is a correlation between high noise pollution and hearing loss, stress related symptoms and high blood pressure.

They are also a danger to birds and bats. Yes, clean air does come with a price: the decrease of bird and bat populations. Again, it would not seem like a major issue until the insect population rises and everyone is covered in bug bites. Ecosystems are delicate webs that can be easy tilted off balance. Birds and bats eat bugs, bugs which annoy us. Wind turbines may kill these flying creatures and throw the Nodaway environment off.

These arguments do not overshadow the high hopes we have for Tanaska, though.

One thing we hope to see is Tanaska hire locally. Tanaska wants to have a good relationship with Maryville businesses and one of the best ways is to hire within our community.

All in all, the Tanaska Clear Creek Generating Station is sure to blow all Maryville residents away with their commitment to being a good business neighbor.

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