There’s plenty of things to be asked for in the small town of Maryville: more shopping options, better food choices and a Chipotle. While most times none if these requests are ever fulfilled, Maryville is finally getting an upgrade that is requested, needed and could even save lives. As of last week, Uber and Lyft drivers will be on deck and ready for service every evening.


Drunk driving, while a grim topic, needs to be discussed and handled accordingly. While most of us will lie and say, ‘I don’t drink and drive,’ or ‘I don’t let my friends drink and drive,’ according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), over nine million people report driving under the influence, with ages 18-25 being the highest reported culprit for the issue.

This episodic issue is taking the lives of our friends and peers. The lack of responsibility we leave ourselves and our friends can cost our lives, but with reliance on apps Uber and Lyft, we can change those chances drastically.

When Uber and Lyft takes off in Maryville, with four Uber drivers and one Lyft driver, we can began to bridge that gap of responsibility by using our resources. The majority of car crashes occur between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. according to factretriever.com.

Although the already established resources like Saferide and Northwest Taxi are not always able to accommodate for every college student’s late night/early morning escapades, Uber and Lyft typically only run during these times.

Though, Uber and Lyft are not free of charge, like Saferide, the fares are inexpensive. Uber has a base rate of $1.36 per mile and in the five mile long city of Maryville, sparing a few bucks to save another life or even your own, is definitely worth it.

The main goal in bringing Uber and Lyft to Maryville is to decrease the amount of drunk driving, but these handy apps can assist in other areas too. Non-students who do not have access to Saferide now have an option for safe transportation to their destinations.

Students who do not own cars, but are working in town can rely on Uber and Lyft instead of making the unwelcome trudge through the cold weather. We have all needed roadside assistance when are cars fail us. Uber and Lyft can provide the ride home or to a local auto shop. As well as benefiting students, it benefits the community just the same.

The Maryville community has full support of our safe transportation resources. These four options for safely arriving to our destinations are the key to establishing accountability, getting home safe, providing convenience and saving our lives.

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