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Everyone can agree, being pulled over is nothing more than an inconvenience. Worse than being pulled over is having to come up with the money to pay off the ridiculously high ticket that you get from a minor traffic violation.

A new bill that lowers the maximum price of traffic fines has been signed and will go into effect January 2016. This is a bill that many people have been waiting to see.

Lowering the maximum price of tickets for traffic violations will possibly lower the cost of the fine once it has happened. This is something that needed adjusting for a long time. Many times a minor violation has gotten a major penalty, like going five miles-per-hour over the speed limit. That traffic violation does not merit the same penalty as going 25 over the speed limit.

This is where we bring the police into the issue. The police have been using these major fines for small violations as a threat to many of us while driving. We are in fear when we see a cop pull out of a parking lot behind us while driving, even if we know we have done nothing wrong, we still have that moment of panic. We all fear getting a $90 ticket over forgetting a blinker for one turn. This does not seem like the appropriate fine for a violation of that caliber.

Frequently, a driver will receive a very large fine for something that was not as big of a violation just because the cop will want to overcharge. We have a

The thing to focus on is that police will use their authority to scare citizens. Most cops will threaten you with a massive ticket for a minor fine. With the signing of this bill, we can comfortably know that the fine will not be as extreme.

Knowing the maximum of combined fines will be $300 can give drivers a little more confidence. We know that we are still at risk of getting a ticket, but we also know that the cops have to be a little more reasonable with their ticket writing.

Drivers charged with minor violations will no longer have their licenses suspended unless the case involves alcohol or drugs and drivers whose licenses have been suspended for minor violations will have them reinstated.

Drivers who have had their licenses suspended over something that does not involve alcohol or drugs seems like overkill. Driving under any sort of influence is worthy of having their license revoked, but to revoke a license because of multiple minor offenses seems foolish.

This bill is a great idea and we at the Missourian are completely supportive of the decision to lower the maximum fee.

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