The first step to alleviating social injustices based on race, social class, education, etc. and understanding the differences, is to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. This seems to be a hard task for our overly sensitive society. Our individual comfort abilities are tied to one another’s, as social media platforms, Twitter specifically, have tied opinions to a bandwagon phenomenon.

Millennials are easily the main advocates for social changes. Millennials are striving for immense changes in education, wages, healthcare and economy within our country, according to a Philanthropy News Digest article. This drive for change, combined with the toxic entitlement and need to be right, has created an unhealthy block of opposing opinions and viewpoints.

The shared mindset between Millennials is a phenomenon that is groundbreaking in its momentum. While it provides a proactive and strikingly beneficial change in social justice, this ‘one thought for all’ mentality has created a no-tolerance movement that has changed debating viewpoints and opinions into oppressive and offensive thoughts that should be scrubbed from the mouths of those who said it.

It seems unpopular opinions have become the Millennial’s personal nemesis, as their strong determinations and passions have led many public institutions and universities to adopt safe spaces for the many debating opinions to discuss  their differences privately and amongst themselves.

According to a study conducted by LendEDU, 37 percent of college students say safe spaces are far from realistic and ineffective, while another 36 percent say safe spaces are absolutely necessary to college students and their universities. Another 25 percent of students are indifferent to them entirely.

These safe spaces are doing nothing but creating a bigger divide, coddling students by sheltering them from others who may think differently or simply disagree. College students need to learn the benefit of opposing viewpoints and attempt to understand what they can’t already.

Though the study “2016 Millennial Impact Report: Cause Engagement During a U.S. Presidential Election Year” states Millennials actively research topics they have little knowledge of to better their understanding of a situation, our shared brain only allows us to see one aspect of a multi-faceted problem with numerous roots and motivations.

Safe spaces haven’t been the only downfall of Millennial’s great passions. This generation’s oversensitivity has led to rash and purely emotional joint decisions without first observing all possible solutions to problems.

With every coming injustice or national tragedy, we flock to the popular opinion and rampage, shoving this one ideal down the throats of the rest of the nation, renaming differences in viewpoints with oppression, prejudice and every ‘phobic’ one can think of.

The lengths social changes have come with the help of this generation is astounding and far from unnecessary or just, but there also needs to be a healthy balance to everything. We can not block or dismiss every viewpoint or opinion that does not justify our own. Without a healthy contribution of opposing perspectives, we will be left as brainless zombies, all spouting the same nonsense.

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