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Imagine you are at a football game, more specifically, a Chiefs game.

You’re packed in a stadium with thousands of people, a sea of red spanning out across the complex. The crowd is deafening as they cheer on the players, and you can practically feel the excitement of the fans radiating off everyone like heat.

You can’t help but feel excited at the energy of the game.

Well, unless you’re me.

When I was really little I went to a Chiefs game with my dad. I won’t lie; it was really fun, but I think that was the time I figured out I didn’t like watching sports games. 

One reason I didn’t like it was because so much was happening at once. Like I said, I was really young when I went to the game, and back then, and even now, I’ve hated loud noises. You can imagine that thousands of people cheering at once is not my favorite thing in the world. 

A second reason I didn’t like it was that I had no clue what was happening. I don’t know anything about football except that you score touchdowns to win, so all the football terms and plays went completely over my head. Years after that game, I still don’t know what’s happening.

Despite my aversion for the game, it was cool seeing the Chiefs go to the Super Bowl the last two years. It was like a party that the whole city celebrated, with Chiefs flags everywhere you looked.

A little over 100 million people watched last year’s game. It was one of the most viewed Super Bowls ever.

During last year’s game, my family, avid Chiefs fans, could be heard shouting and cheering in our living room while I sat upstairs doing my homework.

Needless to say, I was uninterested.

This year's Super Bowl was spent much the same way. I did my homework until the halftime show came on, and once the performance was done I went back to doing my own thing. 

It may be surprising to note, but I used to play all kinds of sports growing up. My sister is a college athlete, and I’ve been to tons of her volleyball games, even if my time at those games was spent nose deep in a book.

I’ve been around sports my whole life, whether that be through my family or through living in Kansas City and being surrounded by Chiefs football. And yet I still don’t feel the hype surrounding watching most sports.

Whenever I’m presented with a sports game, I either feel like I’m wasting time watching and could be doing something that I’ll enjoy, or I just feel bored. When people talk about getting together and watching a game, I’m thinking of something else entirely, like watching a movie or finishing my math homework.

It honestly makes me feel a bit like an outsider not being a football fan.

But I’ve realized that’s okay.

What I’m trying to say is it’s perfectly fine if you only watched The Weeknd do an amazing half-time performance.

I can’t wait to not watch next year’s game.

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