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Please stop vaping. Just stop. 

The self-proclaimed healthy alternative to cigarettes is not actually “healthy.” While it may be recommended for smokers to help wean them off cigarettes, this doesn’t make it healthy. 

It’s more than just recent media buzz or a crusade by Big Tobacco to eliminate their only real competition. Vaping is harmful and could have terrible, long-lasting health effects.

There are many unknowns about vaping including the number of chemicals in vapes and electronic cigarettes. One thing is known and that is that nicotine is harmful. 

Nicotine causes an increase in the risk of heart attack by spiking blood pressure and adrenaline, according to an article from John Hopkins Medicine. 

Nicotine is also a highly addictive substance with adverse effects on the lungs, reproductive system, kidneys and many other parts of human anatomy. An article from the University of New Hampshire states nicotine specifically from vapes and e-cigarettes have also been shown to cause lung cancer and impair brain development in teens.

Popular vape brand Juul claims its pods have the same amount of nicotine as 20 cigarettes and have a faster method of getting nicotine into the bloodstream, making it even more potent than most other e-cigarettes, according to Truth Initiative. 

These companies are creating addicts just like big tobacco and not letting go. Nicotine has a history of being highly addictive, and Juul is coming up with ways to perfect getting the addictive chemical.

Vaping is also an expensive habit.

According to Vaping360, a low-cost vape pen will cost around $50, and the continuing of the habit month to month will cost anywhere from $30 to $60 depending on usage. The article goes on to explain that more advanced methods will cost more.

Vaping has also had a human cost.

Six deaths were recently attributed to vaping in the U.S. These deaths have since been linked to illicit substances in vape fluid, such as THC, which are not sold commercially, according to The Guardian. 

Similar cases were reported throughout the U.S. with the common link of vaping. Whether this is completely chalked up to using illicit substances or not, the uncertainty of the reason for these health problems is nothing to scoff at. 

The major problem with studying the health effects of vaping is the unknown. Enough time hasn’t passed for experts to be able to accurately understand the short and long term effects of vaping.

Something that is used as somewhat of a joke in recent years is the fact that people used to think cigarettes are healthy. The same thing may be said in a few years when people understand the harmful effects of vaping.  

Not vaping or quitting can save money, not only immediately on the cost of the habit, but in the future on medical bills as well. Gambling with future health is a slippery slope — just quit now or don’t try it all together.

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