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There are plenty of stories about Roberta Hall being haunted, but the truly terrifying stories lie outside the realm of the paranormal and within the walls: the bathrooms.

I lived in Roberta last year and believe me when I say women probably have some of the most disgusting bathroom habits. We are goop hoarders. We have goop for our faces, our hair and every body part imaginable. On top of that, the bathrooms do not get cleaned too often, or at least mine didn’t.

It is no wonder the University is setting aside money to renovate the sorority dorm bathrooms.

Roberta is the oldest dorm on campus and it shows. The bathroom paint is peeling and the showers are not exactly state of the art. They leak, the labels are not always right, some get cold when you turn the faucet toward what should be hot and the water pressure leaves much to be desired. Again, that’s just the showers.

In my old bathroom, nestled with Roberta Room 117, the counter top was stained and scorched from makeup, hair straighteners and curlers and the side was peeling as a result of steam from hot showers.

Sure, sorority women are not exactly known to be kind to our bathrooms and showers. We try to wash off mountains of glitter on Bid Day alone. I hate to think about what those shower drains would say if they could speak.

I have to give props to Residential Life, though. The Director of Residential Life, Rose Viau, wants to give the option of picking the paint and tiles to the women who actually live in the dorm.

Personally, I think each hall, bathrooms included, should be done in the color scheme of the sorority that lives there. It would add a splash of color and vibrancy in an already lively, active dorm. I can imagine a bathroom colored in rich blue and crisp white for Alpha Delta Pi or lavender and maroon for Sigma Kappa.

While I do not live in Roberta anymore, I have plenty of sisters who do this year and more who will move in next year.

I hope the University takes this opportunity to think of other ways to update the oldest dorm on campus. Perhaps they could take off the 10 layers of paint on the walls and give it a fresh makeover.

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