As a fellow Bearcat I am disgusted and appalled at the cisgender nonsense that I read in the school newspaper today.

I cannot believe the Northwest Missourian would be fine with publishing transphobia and bigotry. Let alone let someone publish an article without understanding the difference between gender (social construct) and biological sex (genitalia).

If you literally google the definition of "they" and scroll down a bit you can see that it's used to refer to "a person of an unspecified gender." Not even acknowledging the fact that you all constantly misgendered the person in question, I'm not sure why anyone would attack and belittle an already marginalized and vulnerable population who barely have access to resources on campus and in the Maryville community.

"It actually hurts my brain" also that somebody wouldn't just mind their own business when it comes to not understanding why someone identifies a different way than themselves.

The fact that I can't even read the school newspaper during an hour break between classes without reading about transphobia and bigotry makes me sad. You all need to do better and I hope you use this opportunity to learn and grow.

It's stuff like this that makes non binary and transgender college students feel isolated from campus life, have lower self-esteems, and are more at risk for suicide than any other group.

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