It has come into immediate attention, as things usually do when a hot-button issue resurfaces and people suddenly realize its importance, that Americans everywhere are in disagreement about practically everything.

The trend as of late is gun control, and man-oh-man is it reigniting the passions of the every-so-often opinionated individual. Other popular issues of this nature include places where people can live, who gets the biggest cut of U.S. currency and which sedatives we’re allowed to put in our bodies to forget about the former issues.

A new bill is running through the missouri legislature now that would allow school districts to designate faculty to carry concealed weapons with them, in that they would have a concealed carry permit and train with the Department of Public Safety.

To put it plainly, we live in an overly-excited, overstimulated and overtly-expecting society. A fine example of this would be getting worked up about a subpar performance of the national anthem, while watching it on a flat screen TV, knocking back another cold Mountain Dew. At the very least, it is important to be aware of yourself before tackling any big issues about society.

How can we hope to pursue serious issues involving the rights of issues to protect each other if we cannot protect ourselves from the folly’s of exacerbated feelings towards celebrities?   

We could spew the obvious diatribe, “Don’t fight fire with fire,” and even the self-righteous anthem of gun-toters everywhere, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” but we’d be missing the main point. We’d be serving abstract concepts in a literal world. We would not be doing the issue the justice it deserves.

The fact of the matter is school shootings are becoming ever-so-increasingly present, and more importantly, innocents are being killed. This is an issue. This is a cause for concern. This needs to be addressed with a certain clarity of mind.

Let us imagine for a brief second a world in which teachers have the capacity to carry concealed weapons, for the due purpose of protecting their students. Let’s imagine a school shooter decides they want to arm themselves to the gills with weapons and explosives to injure the lives of those they attend school with.

Now pause, imagine this same world again. Imagine its news populated with hate, suffering and catastrophe. Imagine the inhabitants of this world upset and disdainful for how things are. Finally now, imagine an individual terribly sick of the world around him with a thought that he had nothing to lose.

Problems society faces don’t magically spring out of nowhere, they happen for a reason and most times in ways that have been unknowingly piling up. The problem here isn’t guns or mental health. It is the society that has forgotten to check up on itself. School shootings aren’t the problem; they are but a symptom.

The problem here is our current society.

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