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A third Casey’s moving into Maryville with nine different gas stations in town already can seem excessive.

However, this newest station will be beneficial to the growth of Maryville and help many who live and work on the south side of town.

The new store, which will be located at 1911 S. Main St., is actually a part of a larger scale project known as the South Main Project headed by the city.

The project aims to further expand Maryville, make it easier to get around town and draw in more visitors.

The project is supposed to entail a number of things, including a new traffic light at the intersection which Casey’s is situated at. It also aims to connect the south and east sides of town by expanding Volunteer Ave to a road called Irene in order to make travel between each side of town easier.

According to City Manager Greg McDanel, people have been asking for a gas station near the selected location for years, and the want makes sense with the surrounding companies,

A huge population of those who may use the new station will be Kawasaki workers. The shifts at Kawasaki run as smoothly as the machines they work with and when a shift is over, it is easy to spot the parade of cars on South Main Street.

With the South Main Project, people will no longer have to avoid going to Walmart at 5 p.m. on a weekday and attempt the Olympic sport of getting in and out of the parking lot. The expansion of Volunteer Avenue and the stop light will lighten up traffic and make travel on South Main both safer and easier.

The new Casey’s is also in a prime location for people leaving and entering Maryville. The second closest Casey’s to the highway is on East First Street and while getting to the highway from this location is easy enough, simply entering and leaving the station is not always the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes it feels like merging onto East First from this Casey’s has turned into a giant game of Frogger.

But, again this new location will have the traffic light which will make it easier for people to enter and leave. Also, this new station is in a more centralized location in proximity to the highway. Many students leaving for holidays will no longer have to go out of their way to fulfill all of their Casey’s needs and wants. With this new location, it will be a simple stop off to fill yourself up with pizza and your car with fuel.

The biggest thing this Casey’s is going to bring to Maryville is revenue, and for a small town like Maryville, money is a key player in making sure that our city is able to function.

According to McDanel, the building permit for Casey’s noted a $2 million investment and this will be the second biggest contribution Casey’s has made within the last five years.

Not only will this money help to simply keep the city up and running, but the money invested and the profit made from the station will continue to allow Maryville to grow. Maryville is constantly looking for new ways to expand and to stand out but this takes the money. This new station will give the city a little bit more revenue to not only further improve our city but make it better for those who live here.

Whether you are in Maryville for college or have created roots here, the city becomes your home and to be able to continually see it grow and prosper is amazing. This new gas station will give Maryville the opportunity to do this.  

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