Words cannot describe how ashamed I am to have graduated Northwest right now. Your pathetic story only hurts free speech and makes our school look bad. Not only did you ruin a man's life, you violated ethics of journalism. Maybe you should have gotten off your lazy ass and went up and talked to Matt about the comments before you published the article, dumbass. Then you would have figured out the comments were an off-the-cuff remark between two faculty members made in a joking conversation. You took a quote out of context and made Matt out as something he is not. I guess you do not care about facts or consequences. Good luck with your pathetic career. New York is the perfect place for you. “National Inquirer” here you come. Don't look back......

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You do realize that Matt ruined his own career by posting the comment (yes people who know Matt know it's a joke.) But not every student knows Matt, nothing was taken out of context, I saw the comment on my News Feed when it happened over a week ago. The full comment was put in an article, Matt violated a contract he signed with Northwest by posting " a threat of violence" against his employer. The world of social media is now a professional atmosphere, professors cannot treat it like a night out at the bar with friends. You, Kiley, lost all credibility when you resorted to child-like name calling. It should also be taken into consideration that the Missourian in their article never revealed Matt's name. The name was released when Matt was taken into custody by University police for telling a student "I have a bomb in my briefcase" Yes, also a dry humor joke. But regardless the student had no affiliation with the Missourian. Matt chose to break the law by growing weed and selling it, are they hypocritical laws, sure, but they are still laws. Also have some respect for your Alma Mater, if you are going to call someone a "dumbass" at least have the professional manners to capitalize the "D."

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