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Whoever decided to have Homecoming and midterms during the same week must not remember how stressful both events are, especially for students who are involved on campus.

Midterms bring on a different level of stress than regular tests and exams. This is the point of the semester where students gage if their grades are salvageable. This means the average, overly-caffeinated college student is trying to cram as much information as our brains can hold.

Then Homecoming gets added into the mix.

This is a time where nearly every club demands the most of each member, both with their time and money. Sororities and fraternities, battling it out to try and win the most supremacy points, require Homecoming hours each week. The Bearcat Marching Band practices for hours, rain or shine. The football team has to batten down the hatches to prepare for the game.

Then members have to go back to their rooms and bust open the Sociology textbook they haven’t looked at since they picked it up from textbook services.

Our University Seminar teachers warn against all-nighters, but for many it may be unavoidable.

Floats can take hours of work just to make any significant headway in its progress. If I have a biology midterm the next day, then I’m going to have to study for a few hours. The next thing I know, it’s 3 a.m., I am on my second pot of coffee and my class is at 8 a.m. with no time or point to shower and sleep. For those in similar situations, this can be stressful.

Stress can lead to a myriad of issues if prolonged.

According to the Mayo Clinic, acute, or chronic, stress makes people more prone to certain symptoms and health problems including anxiety, depression, digestive problems, headaches, heart disease, sleep problems, weight gain, memory and concentration impairment.

All these can make midterm week miserable for students and teachers alike. I doubt anyone wants to deal with memory and concentration problems while in the middle of using the quadratic formula.

It’s also difficult for people to actually enjoy Homecoming. This is a time where Northwest and Maryville are supposed to come together as a community and cheer on our football teams while also trying to take as much free candy as socially acceptable.

However, with midterms looming over everyone’s heads, it takes away the fun. Now, people are clawing their way to Walk Out Day on Friday just to have a reprieve from these tests.

I understand it takes a lot to plan Homecoming and this is just a situation working out in a worst case scenario, but it still hurts students both mentally and academically.

In the future there needs to be better communication between those in charge of Homecoming and those who create the academic calendar.

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