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It’s the most wonderful week of the semester. The week that every student dreads at the beginning of the semester, but is so happy it’s there at the end. 

Finals week is often characterized in pop culture as the boogeyman for most college students, but this is not always the case. Finals week is one of the best weeks of the semester for multiple reasons. 

Finals week actually means more free time. Yes, there is a large, possibly grade-making test for every class in one week, but when it’s all broken down, there is actually more free time finals week than any other week of the semester. 

Free time obviously depends on the amount of studying required for each test, but still, it’s better than doing homework and stressing about other stuff. There is a certain point that is eventually reached where if I don’t already know it, I’m not going to so why not watch Youtube for a four-hour gap during finals week.

The free time means more time to hang out with friends and have fun right before you leave each other for a month. The hangouts also feel different because they happen at different times; there is a large block in the day that people are free except for one two-hour window from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. where it’s going be heckin’ stressful. This may be the last time to get potato olay’s together, so those treats — which are just tater tots in taco seasoning, by the way, taste even better.

Campus just seems to be an overall nicer place during finals week. It’s easy to feel sentimental about those pseudo-friends made during the forced group activities that you will never see again. We’re going to miss the guy that sits towards the back that always successfully gets the assignment date pushed back — he was the real hero.

People are more courteous in public spaces because we are all in this together. I think a movie said that once. Anyway, people are quiet in the Union and kind in the library. 

Professors seem overall warmer because they know how stressed we are and can also finally get rid of us. Professors won’t receive the same emails asking them to reopen an assignment from six weeks ago or have that one person asking how they can bring there 50% up to a 90%. We get a break from them, and they get a break from us.

Perhaps the most important reason finals week is great: the semester is done. It’s over and all academic problems take a month break, so I can make room for trying to memorize Jim Carrey’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” for maximum family annoyance. "6:30 dinner with me. I can't cancel that again," is one of my personal favorites.

The bulletin board quote for many college students is, “If I can just get through this week, next week will be easier.” Well, for finals week, that is actually true.

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