Cartoon Lights

When it comes to the safety of the students, problems like dark sidewalks and light obstructing trees should be top priority.

It’s commendable the University acted so quickly and listened to the voice of a concerned student, but it shouldn’t have taken a complaint to do something about the lighting.

For how long the sidewalks have been underlit, it’s surprising nobody complained before. This was a problem for many students before, and if what Facility Services says is true about receiving work orders following its annual safety walks with the University Police Department and Residential Life, then fixing the lighting problem near Wells Hall and Brown Hall should not have taken as long as it did.

While the issue is finally being addressed, it looks bad when a student has to send an email to the UPD to get the much-needed street lights installed.

While we’re lucky that Maryville has been named one of the safest college towns in America for three consecutive years, it doesn’t mean we don’t have room to grow and improve our campus. Especially with Maryville falling off the Safewise list for 2018 after ranking at No. 22 the previous year.

The issue of safety and well-being is important for all students, staff and faculty. While students may be the main target of various crimes, this does not exclude professors and faculty members. Criminals do not discriminate between adults, college students or the elderly when it comes to their agenda.

Many students find themselves walking late at night to reach their campus dorms, whether that be in Roberta, the High Rises, Tower Suites or Forest Village Apartments.

Being in college calls for some students to work late into the night and walk home at grueling hours in the morning.

Those students spending long nights studying at the library, along with anybody working a late shift for their on-campus job needed these lights long ago.

While adding street lights may not seem like a big deal, adding a sense of security for everybody really helps brighten up campus. Security and safety are key elements for any university. It’s one of the main reasons many students will continue coming to Northwest.

Students come to college to get a degree, learn and make lifelong friends, not to be worried about their safety at night.

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