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Your sanity is important to survival in society and can be the most important thing to take care of in any type of setting, whether that be an academic setting or in the workplace.

Mental health is an ongoing issue that has been on the rise in recent years, and it is an issue we deal with often in a college environment. While it may seem like an issue not facing this campus specifically, there has been an overall increase in students and staff members visiting Wellness Services.

According to a recent study, the Center for Collegiate Mental Health has noted a 30 percent increase in students seeking professional counseling services on their respective campuses.

It is important to make sure that everyone is aware of mental health, regardless of what is going on in life.

As a college student, writing papers and completing assignments can be somewhat stressful, especially if it is the first time doing college coursework.

Mental health is not something to joke about and is an issue that has become more present in recent years. It has come to the forefront of a number of conversations, not only on this campus but all over the country.

It is so important to find a system or group of people to rely on for support, even if that means speaking to a counselor in the Wellness Center or going to have half-priced appetizers at Applebee’s. Do what is best for one’s own mental health.

More than likely, everyone knows at least one person who has struggled with their mental health or maybe even you have struggled with these issues. Be the person who supports  fellow human beings, and not the one who makes another’s issues worse.

Managing mental health varies for everyone and some people find it best to go for a walk and be in nature, while others prefer to go to the animal shelter and play with animals. It is up to the individual person to find what works best for them and then doing it when they reach periods of their life where they need extra help to get through the week.

While it may seem like a daunting task, managing mental health is a skill that will be beneficial for future careers and experiences beyond the collegiate setting. It is just a matter of taking into consideration your own limits.

Before taking on extra work, make sure it is something that can be completed without being too overwhelming with the extra tasks on top of the already encompassing college level assignments. It may seem easy to complete everything and have more time to do whatever, but that is not always the case.

The main thing that can be stressed is that self-care, and keeping one’s mental health in mind, is the key to surviving on the college level as well as in the work setting. If it is a struggle, speak with someone, and if need be, seek out professional help and get the help needed to manage your own health.

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