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Maryville loves its Bearcats — or at least it should — especially when it comes to sports. Without the presence of Northwest students, local businesses would likely see a steep decrease in revenue. The addition of new businesses that Maryville residents enjoy are directly, and indirectly, caused by a student presence.

The Northwest Missourian’s Editorial Staff understands that college students occupy a lot of space. Although we — students — create the occasional ruckus and food delays, we also create businesses for the whole city to enjoy.

For example, Burny’s and Powerhouse aren't strictly for college students; however, a majority of the establishments’ revenue stems from that demographic. So, the Maryville community and college students should join together in embracing Maryville’s new local businesses and coexist with each other outside of the University’s campus.

In the event that bar-hopping isn’t your scene, Maryville opened various businesses during the summer break to enjoy.

Maryville added a Kris and Kate’s Ice Cream, two donut and coffee shops, two nutrition shops and an establishment dedicated to axe throwing. Before, you had to rely on a slab of wood in a backyard to satisfy your lumberjack fantasies. You also had to hope you didn’t hit something — or someone — you weren’t meaning to.

Maryville has seen an influx of different businesses recently and plans to continue adding more for its residents. Black Pony Brewing Company is in the process of opening downtown, which would add another location for residents to enjoy food and brew. However, this will likely also become another location college students frequent.

Of course, blame can’t solely be placed on those who live in Maryville year-round. College students, especially those from bigger cities, tend to complain about the lack of things to do in town. Well, now there’s things to do.

It seems like Maryville is attempting to introduce more opportunities to have fun in a town with little to do. The city is whatever you choose to make of it. It may not have high-end restaurants, amusement parks or fancy attractions, but the city is doing what it can to help people have a good time.

It’s better to control your college experience and go explore Maryville than to go to the same restaurants and bars every week. It’s up to the people of Maryville — college students and permanent residents — to respond to the city’s new local businesses. The worst that could happen is discovering options to accept or reject when asking your friends what to do in times of boredom. Maybe you’ll create memories to tell when you’re older.

We know St. Joseph has a lot more to offer, but that’s not always the most feasible option, especially as a broke college student who doesn’t like to pay for gas. Maryville is beginning to give opportunities to college students to enjoy themselves when they’re not stressing about an essay or tedious science lab.

Townspeople and current Bearcats don’t always have to be at odds or complaining about some minor inconvenience. If Northwest students spread out across different local businesses, maybe the Maryville residents won’t have to get upset about their Applebee’s order taking forever. And maybe students will find something to cure their boredom for the night.

There’s always going to be pros and cons of trying out different things, but the pros more often outweigh the cons.

There’s more local businesses in Maryville that haven’t been listed, and some aren’t even new. Go find out what the deal is with the huge ice cream cone on Fourth Street. Let out some frustration by aggressively throwing an axe. Go out and find a local business to support.

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