What is the black card? The Urban Dictionary definition is an imaginary card that all black people are born with and that mixed people have to earn that is constantly under threat of being revoked if a black person does not act black enough or in improper black ways. The black card may be used when black people are faced with adversity and blame it on them being black.

I feel as if mixed people shouldn’t have to earn a black card because they’re half black. However, I understand why people think that way. There are mixed people who aren’t familiar with their black side.

There is a significant difference between if the mother is white and the father is black, and if the mother is black and the father is white. If the mother is white and the father is black, then the father doesn’t discuss culture. If he is not in the picture, then their child may have not experienced the black side, so that is where the confusion lies. This is where the term “whitewashed” comes into play, or jokes of one being in a ‘sunken place’ are being said. If the mother is black and the father is white, then the mother instills the black culture in her child.

If a white police officer pulls over a black person, they are automatically going to assume they got pulled over because they’re black. In some cases, it may be because they’re black they got pulled over.  My friend told me he was driving the speed limit and wasn’t doing wrong, but got pulled over on his way home. He asked what was wrong and the officer didn’t say much. My friend figured because the police officer saw a black man in a BMW, he was up to no good. Which is not a surprise.

As if black people can’t have nice cars. They had to have stolen it or something. They didn’t work for it like a white man did. Or if an employee is following a black man around the store. These could be reasonable situations to use the black card. However, if a black man was going 20 miles over the speed limit and is pulled over, it’s not because he’s black; it’s because he broke the law.

All black people should have a black card even if they are mixed. The fact that it’s threatened to be revoked from someone is ridiculous. Just because someone says or does something that someone else doesn’t agree with, doesn’t mean they should get this imaginary card taken away. What do you gain from doing this? How do you benefit? The answer is nothing and you don’t. You’re not better than anyone else.

Instead of jumping to conclusions, we should analyze the situation. Maybe we are in the wrong at times and should listen to what someone else is saying. Not everything is a race issue. Not everyone is racist. So stop giving the black card so much power.

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