In your editorial from the Jan. 30 issue of the Northwest Missourian regarding House Bill 1587, you wrote, “almost all scientists now agree that evolution is the only explanation…” and “evolution is not a controversy in the scientific community.” There is actually quite a bit of debate within the scientific community. The Dissent From Darwin Project has the signatures of more than 800 scientists who hold at least one Ph.D. Many more privately disagree but fear retribution from the Darwinists entrenched in academia.

You admitted that your knowledge of the debate is based solely upon “basic courses in middle school and high school.” That is precisely the point Congressman Koenig (R-District 99) and others are trying to make. While attending those public school classes you only heard one side of the debate - a side which is fiercely protected from any criticism. You also wrote that “there is a large consensus of professional men of science who have concluded evolution’s validity.” Would it surprise you that nearly all the “Founding Fathers” of science were creationists? Men like Sir Isaac Newton, Blaise Pascal, Louis Pasteur, Gregor Mendel, Francis Bacon, Johannes Kepler, as well as later pioneers such as George Washington Carver and Wernher Von Braun, all believed in creation and the Bible.

Your assertion that the scientific community welcomes critiques of theories is simply not true. Peer-reviewed journals will not publish any research which even hints at questioning Darwinism. Then, evolutionists point to the lack of peer-reviewed research as evidence that creationism has no credibility. Your article appeared on the “opinion” page. That is exactly the problem with evolution. Opinion is presented as absolute fact through hyperbole and overstatement. I have documentation and numerous articles to back up my statements, and I would be eager to share them with anyone having genuine interest in honest examination of the whole debate.

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