As college students, we always joke that we are dirt poor even though we may have a decent sum in our bank account. For some though, this is a serious issue.

To aid the many who do struggle with financial problems, Northwest has many programs to further the success of student’s careers from Pay it Forward Food Pantry to the cost of North Complex and now the newest addition Career Closet.

The creation of the Career Closet is another way Northwest has taken to its students into account. Much like with the food pantry, which was a response to how many students have to choose between groceries and bills, and renting out textbooks at the beginning of the semester, the university realizes higher education comes at a high cost.

By providing an affordable way to make college a little more comfortable and easy, Career Closet shows the importance of a kind gesture.

These programs are meant to support student’s education by helping with the small stresses we often face such as food, cost of living and now clothes.

With the Career Closet, students can participate in more opportunities than they may have previously been able to. These include functions such as interviews, dinners and formal gatherings.

The Career Closet provides a way for students to dress for success while not breaking the already nearly empty bank account.

Another resource the University provides is the Food Pantry located in the University Police Department. It is open 24/7 and students can come and choose from a variety of nonperishable food items.

As stated in the food pantry mission statement, it strives to help students “in pursuit of equity and accessibility for all students and employees… (by providing) a source of food and necessities.”

In the same way, the Career Closet will help provide the same kinds of opportunities to all students.

Even though we are in college, we should not have to be subjected to the harshness of reality when it comes to choosing between food and our light bill just yet.

Our education is more important than worrying if we can afford a can of Spaghettios and services like the food pantry and Career Closet show how our teachers and school want us to succeed.

However, it is up to us, as students, to take advantage of these programs. We cannot accept help if we do not seek to better our circumstance

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