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After the craziness of Homecoming Weekend and multiple midterm tests, there comes a brief reprieve for many students before the holidays come rolling around.

During this period, students should find time to go home before Thanksgiving break.

From Oct. 18, it will be a little less than two months since some people have gone home to see family. This is even longer the more students decide to postpone their trip home.

While it may not seem necessary, there are a multitude of reasons to see parents.

According to New York University Langone Health, “With respect to academics, students today are feeling increasing pressure to know what they want to do, pick a career path and plan for their futures. This pressure is causing unfortunate substance abuse, anxiety and even depression.”

These are natural tendencies all college students feel, especially for the first years. Even then, it still affects undergraduates who are not freshmen. Sometimes the stress affects them more than the newer students on campus.

This happens because as students progress throughout college, many of them become busy with activities and class work. Due to the decreased free time, many older students don’t go home.

Going home can be the change of scenery people need to get out of their head and current living space. This is especially true for those who are feeling the pressure from classes, projects, tests and possibly even roommate problems.

Along with the changing of the seasons, there comes the obvious change in weather. This is always more prominent in Maryville with the colder, harsher wind and bipolar clouds. One day the clouds are full of rain, the next day they’re gone and the sun is bright and shining.

This means a new change in wardrobe. So by going home, people can bring their summer clothes with them and before heading back to Maryville, they can bring their fall and winter clothes for the brisk temperatures.

According to NYU Langone Health, many parents typically feel they matter less as their children go off to college and they have to release control over their children. Parents will always be glad to see their children, and by going home, it lets them know the student is still thinking about them.

Another added benefit is getting to eat home-cooked meals from home. With how busy college students can get, they may not always be able to provide a home-cooked meal for themselves every night. This has actually proven to affect their health in a negative way.

According to research conducted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, people who often cook at home rather than eat out tend to eat healthier and actually consume less calories when they do decide to eat out.

They also get a tasty meal out of it and something different from campus dining or fast food.

While college students should find time to go home, it doesn’t mean students should go home every weekend. They should manage their time for when they can go home so whenever they head that way, they can really enjoy it.

Going home sometime before Thanksgiving though does give family members a sense of belonging and could help relieve some built-up stress from the past weeks.

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