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Lovers of all things Harry Potter, Disney and anything geek have been given a podcast they have been waiting for.

“Fantastic Geeks and Where to Find Them” is a podcast created by YouTubers Anna “Bizzy” Brisbin and Tessa Netting and serves as a much-needed podcast for people interested in more nerdy fandoms.

This podcast is broken up into a number of small segments ranging from “The Owlery” in which Brisbin and Netting answer fan questions in regards to that week’s topic, to the sorting of various characters, celebrities and musicals into their respective Hogwarts houses.

The hit podcast has released 36 episodes and has covered a variety of topics from the best Disney film, to the best villain in the Star Wars franchise. This podcast was first released back in March and has gathered a following of more than 2,000 members on Facebook and almost 4,300 followers on Twitter.

The podcast has also received a great following from a number of celebrities, including Jacqueline Emerson who played Foxface in “The Hunger Games” and other famous YouTubers like Cherry Wallis who also focus on Harry Potter and other fandoms.

It’s general appeal to all lovers of various fandoms is evident in the wide array of support from viewers who consistently tune into the podcast every week for the brand new episode. With the possibility of things like “Shrek” and “The Hunger Games” being topics, its appeal can be shared with everyone who loves anything nerdy.

Brisbin and Netting provide listeners with nice banter, and it feels as though the audience is actually in the conversation of three close friends. It makes it feel as though they are just relaxing on a couch and sharing a nice cup of coffee with two friends. This presentation makes it more of a conversation and less of a podcast people are listening to on their phones or computers.

The most popular segment of each episode is the sorting of various characters, and sometimes musicals, into their respective Hogwarts houses. This includes a variation of the introduction to the sorting hat which was presented in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.” This transition leads into a discussion where Brisbin and Netting have a discussion as to which house they believe a specific character belongs in.

Some highlights include Woody from “Toy Story” being sorted into Slytherin and Captain America into Hufflepuff, and not only have they sorted characters, but they have also  gone as far as sorting the musical “Avenue Q” into Slytherin. This segment provides a unique connection from a variety of fandoms back to the Harry Potter fandom which is the main staple and draw of the channel.

The conclusion of every episode is a direct interaction with fans as Brisbin and Netting read various reviews and comments from their fans. The overall audience interaction brings this podcast into a unique space in which the line between audio and friendship is blurred and the interaction and genuine emotions are clear between the audience and hosts.

Their signature tagline of, “You are a fantastic geek, goodbye!” brings every episode to a close and leaves people wondering what fandom will be covered in the next episode.

This podcast is perfect for anyone who is looking for a place to geek out about the various fandoms and does so in a space that feels like it is a conversation among close friends.

The “Fantastic Geeks and Where to Find Them” podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Play Music.

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