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Dear Editor,

Many Americans today look at the media in three different ways: bias, entertainment, and politics. How do other countries see their media?

Other countries see the media in their homeland as a threat, and in that case, the media never gets a good outlook by others in that homeland.

When we as Americans take a step back and observe the media happening in our country, we start to see that the media is able to get away with many things because of protections that we have, including the First Amendment.

Journalists and photographers are at risk today with their lives covering topics in foreign countries, and here is why.

Three photojournalists known for their capabilities of digging up the truth and reporting on it were murdered just for doing their jobs. Each one had their own story they were working on. Anna Politkovskaya was reporting on the military war in Russia, coming close to digging up a good story, when she was murdered. Daphne Galizia was reporting on the corruption of government in Malta when she was killed by a car bomb. Jan Kuciak was reporting on the mafia in Slovakia when he was murdered.

All three were hunted down and killed by contract killers hired by the government.

Just to name a couple of them, these are the types of photojournalists that put their lives on the line with reporting in countries outside of the United States.

In Russia, Slovakia, Malta, China and Turkey there are many journalists in prison, and if the governments that can get away with doing more to them, they will. Over the past couple decades and in the future, many journalists have been or will be murdered by contracted killers from the government.

These photojournalists do their job for the people to understand what happens in the government and are repaid by their life being taken.

We, as Americans, do not hear about the journalists being taken captive or beaten, imprisoned or murdered because the governments in different countries find a way to cover each one of them up.

This issue is very concerning being a photographer and knowing journalists. I think that when you go to a foreign country, it could be extremely dangerous to research, dig or look into anything because of the fear of being imprisoned or killed.

Media in America should be lucky and happy to have the First Amendment backing them because in other countries you are all on your own when it comes down to you and the government.

Therefore, the next time you want to take advantage of your amendments and rights, just remember that what you do could be punished by torture, imprisonment or death by their own government in other countries.


Dylan Coldsmith

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