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If you would like to compare yourself to the likes of rats and turkeys, that’s fine, but take a step back before you dare group myself and half of the human population to that of animals who can’t control their carnal desire. 

It is ridiculous to draw the conclusion that men are unable to control themselves because rats and other animals have a natural instinct to reproduce. You have ignored the defining characteristic of humans that animals do not have: the ability to choose. 

Humans have free will; we aren’t controlled by desires alone. We are able to choose what we do. Men cheat because they make the choice to do so, not because they are incapable of controlling themselves. 

I am appalled at your sheer choice to write this column. You have power and authority with the ability to share your opinion to the entirety of the Northwest campus, and you choose to belittle what it means to be a man. 

A true man is not controlled by carnal desire. A true man does not do whatever he feels like doing without thought or concern of his actions. A true man is respectful, kind, caring, selfless and humble. He is giving and gentle. 

A true man does not cheat. 

The type of man you are describing is no man at all; he is an animal. Stop trying to justify unacceptable actions for men and maybe start trying to hold others accountable to the standards of being a real man.

 Your concepts and definition of relationships are incredibly skewed. To be in a relationship is to have made a commitment to one person. You choose to pursue one singular person as someone you strive to care for, to serve and to love to the best of your ability. 

By insinuating that cheating is inevitable, you are giving men an excuse to essentially skip out on this commitment. You are telling men that they are incapable of keeping a promise to women. 

Not only are you disgracing the standards of men, but you are tainting what a relationship means. The taboo of cheating shouldn’t be removed but rather instilled. Cheating is wrong. End of question. 

Cheating is breaking a promise; it is a lie and outright shameful.

-Jacob Freitas

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