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Ashley Madison is a dating app dedicated to married people seeking out affairs. Of the 60 million users on the app, 50 million of them are men. 

As startling as this statistic is, it's only the tip of the iceberg of the promiscuous lifestyles that some married men lead. 

But the fact of the matter is it isn’t their fault they want to cheat on their spouse.That’s right ladies, they don’t want to cheat on you —  they are inclined to by their animal instincts.

These relationship-ruining instincts are nicknamed the “Coolidge Effect” in humans. The idea is that men will get bored with the same partner after sex and will be more interested in newer partners as an instinct to reproduce as much as possible. 

This was famously tested by scientists in 1974 during the “rat experiment.” During the observation of sexual behavior of rats, it was discovered that males will lose interest in recent mates in pursuit of novel and newer partners. 

Replicated in roosters, deer and humans, the experiment proves that men are victims of their own evolution, and wives everywhere need to remember that the next time their husband comes home happier than usual. 

Plus, men have evolved over millennia to be able to cheat more efficiently. Being able to create over 100,000 sperm cells every minute is vital in the ancient idea of men needing to spread their DNA as far as possible. 

Men’s animal instincts also give reason to why the Institute of Family Studies reports that 25%  of married men age 30 and older admit to having an affair. For reference, only 6% of married women age 30 and older admit to having an affair.

Some men may be susceptible to cheating without even knowing, as race and even religious preference affect infidelity. 

If you are a hispanic man who attends religious services regularly and identifies as a republican, you are statistically less likely to cheat on your spouse. On the other side of the spectrum, if you are a black man who does not go to religious services and identifies as a democrat, you are most likely to cheat on your spouse. 

So if you are worried about cheating on your spouse, pick up a Bible and slap a President Trump sticker on your car bumper. 

Men shouldn’t be scrutinized for doing what comes naturally to them. Cheating is as human as smiling, and we as a society need to take the taboo out of the act. 

No, not all married men should leave their spouses and go buckwild, but we should approach cheating from a different perspective. Roleplay and “re-meeting” your spouse are fantastic ways to trick a man’s animal instincts into thinking the old is the new. 

Although the emotional turmoil may be severe for your spouse, men will always act on their animal instincts, and there is nothing you can do to stop the inevitable.

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