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It’s no secret that America as a country has a hard time accepting anyone who is culturally, racially or simply religiously “different” from the standard.

With a president backing the alienation of international visitors and even the mistreatment and imprisonment of immigrant children, it can be hard for visitors of our country to feel welcome in an already foreign land.

With Northwest experiencing a noticeable decrease in international undergraduates, it seems the views from our country’s leaders have brought upon a negative light and a fear of acceptance in the U.S.

Here at Northwest, we want our international students to not only know, but feel, that their presence is welcome and in fact a highlight and improvement to our lives. As a family of Bearcats, we are privileged to be able to experience the vibrant cultures of our international students from all across the world.

Enriching our campus with a knowledge of cultural diversity that can only be provided by a well working relationship with international students. A relationship and a bond that is more than a friendly banter or smiling face.

As a campus, we need to create a bond of involvement and interaction. Building a bridge of understanding and challenging ourselves to participate in new and exciting adventures that can be found with our international students.

The International Involvement Center continues to be a beacon for a positive cultural climate as well as the office of Diversity and Inclusion by creating events and promoting involvement to continue our growing community. Commitment to acceptance and diversity is part of our Northwest culture.

As of late, we have seen an increase of uncomfortability from our international students and our goal as a campus should be to alleviate these feelings in our peers and provide them the support they deserve and the respect they are guaranteed.

The trickle effect foreign policy has created caps on immigration from particular countries, the demonetization of foreign currency and more.

The climate of our country is cultural warfare, as we isolate and target immigrants and international immigrants, all the while fighting amongst ourselves. This country has created a hostile environment that can be hard to ignore.

We want Northwest to be the light in these dark times for our country. Creating the protection of love around our students who are new to this country, who are away from their families and struggling to feel at home in a country whose foreign policies scream “you don’t belong here.”

We want you to know #YouAreWelcomeHere. We want you here and we appreciate what you bring to our campus.

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