Political activism is the key to change and history has the proof behind it. As a history major, you learn about a variety of conflicts and struggles of people who lived centuries before us. This concept is still seen in today’s society and political climate in multiple groups and cross sections of American society.

My parents have always told me, ‘those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.’

Throughout history, there have been multiple movements to increase the rights of a minority group. This can be seen in the movements of the Scottish and Irish during the 17th century, the revolutions in what would become the United States and then France a few years later. All of these movements began as a push for political reform and demonstrate the necessity for political activism.

This fight has continued to the modern day, groups are fighting just to have the right to identify as a specific gender or marry the people they love. This struggle defines who we are as a group of people, and will be remembered for generations to come. The movements have defined humanity, and if we do not acknowledge them, we are doomed to be trapped in a system of inequity that leaves people feeling like they are less than the norms of American society.

Yet so many people do not get involved because they feel like it does not involve them or impact their everyday life. That is where they are wrong; it is important to make our world better for everyone, regardless of their differences.

The United States Constitution starts with words everyone should know: “We the People…” However, it feels like this is a backhanded statement when you look at the societal structure of the 1780s and 1790s. While this inequities has been fixed with numerous amendments to the United States Constitution, they all started as societal movements to make a change in our country.

If I were to look at all of American history, this column would become a 10 page research paper. This struggle has been seen throughout the history of humanity and these struggles are going to continue until an administration finally decides to get up off of their asses, and do something to make life better for everyone.

One of the most recent examples is the plight of LGBT groups in our country. They are facing a similar struggle that groups of Americans have gone through in the past. It takes guts to stand up for what you want, and we get involved in politics and demand the rights we are due as American citizens that are being denied to a minority.

The best way to get involved is to get out and vote in your local elections, speak out on injustices you witness and call your representatives when you disagree with a decision that they made. Political activism is the key to beginning change in our government, and it is a tool that is used often throughout history.

The struggles of a group of people can be seen throughout history and they have defined how humanity has developed over a few centuries. These struggles have continued to the present, and only when we allow everyone to be who they want to be will these struggles finally be put behind us.

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