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Babies grow up to become a myriad of things. They can grow to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, parents, comedians—the possibilities are endless. That is, if the baby is given that opportunity to grow. Sadly, many children are deprived the opportunity to even experience life outside the womb. Read more

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Keep your eyes closed, unless you want to lose your mind is the major tenet of the 2018 film “Bird Box,” which was released on Netflix mid-December. While it has received a huge amount of views, it left me with a sense of disappointment when I was hoping for a true horror film. Read more

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Whether people love them or hate them, everybody knows about scary movies. With movies like “Silent Hill,” “Paranormal Activity” and “The Orphan,” the horror movie genre has made a path within the movie industry and with quite the reputation. Sadly, scary movies are generally not held in hig… Read more

While most people dress more casually on Fridays, I like to pick a more formal outfit because I enjoy calling it “Fancy Friday.”

I grew up watching crime shows like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Bones” and “Criminal Minds.” These shows helped shape my personality. It gave me a passion for history, forensic science and psychology.

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Every year, the halftime show during the Super Bowl leaves a mark in everyone’s memory thanks to fantastic performances and special effects. This year, however, the memories left behind will be full of controversies.

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Vampire Weekend announced a new single for the first time in six years Jan. 24. Formed back in 2006, Vampire Weekend is an indie rock band that started to take off in 2008.

Maggie is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. She wiggles her hips like a diva when she walks and wants constant attention. Yet Maggie, and many other dogs like her, are discriminated against because of one thing: She is a pit bull.

As a young female from an ethnic background, diversity is something important, whether that’s in reality shows or TV programs. It is vital to have other cultures incorporated in order to be educated about new perspectives and learn from other people’s experiences.

My mom’s first observation when she visited me was the tidiness of my room, or rather the lack of it. My unmade bed and paper-littered desk stood no match against my roommate’s folded blankets and perfectly stacked textbooks.