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Most of us grew up knowing February is Black History Month. In elementary school, we studied Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech, and discussed the invention of peanut butter by George Washington Carver. School teachers also went out of their way to include multiple activities to… Read more

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Babies grow up to become a myriad of things. They can grow to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, parents, comedians—the possibilities are endless. That is, if the baby is given that opportunity to grow. Sadly, many children are deprived the opportunity to even experience life outside the womb. Read more


With election season around the corner, Americans continue to reinforce their lines in the sand with respect to where they stand politically. As more lines are drawn, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Republican and Democratic Parties continue to stand as giants over their third part…

Attendance policies are almost archaic in today’s college lifestyle. The idea that an adult needs to set up a schedule for another fully-functioning adult is, dare I say, moronic. 

College is expensive. I think we can agree the amount of debt we are putting on our plates is ridiculous. 

The hearts of the nation collectively sink and the Twitter fingers fire up after the breaking news of another mass shooting hits. Social media becomes a maelstrom of thoughts and prayers, and hate and malice for a few days. Then it slows down until the next tragedy occurs.