City and Mozingo officials worked with Northwest's Advanced Advertising Strategies class to host a grand reopening event. The park has underwent major rebranding changes over the past year.

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Cedric Smith

This must be a good move because they really need this major rebranding.

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A reopening event is a good strategy in order to make people to come again in a space that they have forgot about. There are social media marketing companies that are really good at relaunching a product or at giving a new face to another one. It is important to know your target and what are the needs of this target in order to have new clients.

daria spencer

All spare time outdoors activities have fortunately become a common habit for people living in the big city. Harvest Fest 1/2 marathon in Lake Michigan could also be the perfect city escape, as well as many other festivals that take place this time of the year.

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Such events in the outdoors end up with a pile of waste and garbage. Good thing, though, that event planners have been starting to sign partnerships with dispose hazardous waste in Los Angeles lately, so that they end up in a win win situation. The area gets to be protected, people are exposed to the message that they need to protect the environment at every step and the provider gets to make a good impression on the market.

daria spencer

So many people gather yearly for the Harvest Fest 1/2 marathon in Lake Michigan, as they have become loyal visitors of this festival. And this is how, several recreational activities, spots or festivals around the world, have become attraction spots for tourists who save their vacations to go there.

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Sports games are a pleasure to both watch and practice. Of course, not everyone can obtain supreme sports performance, but is is both healthy and enjoyable to gear up from and practice some summer sports, like swimming or volleyball, for instance.

daria spencer

This is officially the season for recreational activities with the entire family. It is interesting how sellers enhance marketing for targeted products this time of the year. If one walks into a sports related store, most probably the Blockbuster Golf Carts are placed in the central area of the store, so that they are accessible to all the customers passing by.

daria spencer

Lately, since people have less time for leisure activities, they practice sports as a recreational way of spending time. Parks are filled with people jogging, sunbathing, even exercising in larger groups. Now that Ephedra has made a comeback, sports effects are almost guaranteed.

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