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An Illinois based band plays at a local dive bar with instruments made out of broken down home appliances. The bass guitar is made out of a washtub. One man plays the washboard. Another, a eucalyptus bamboo digeridoo. The band’s name is the Woodbox Gang and the lead singer, the man who made … Read more


Shackled at both the feet and from the waist to his hands, Alex Allen Catterson sat as Judge Roger Prokes sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

Interstate 29 has been closed for almost a month and many students have felt the effect, especially those who traveled north to reach home over spring break.

Local law enforcement, city staff and Department of Corrections officers acknowledged citizens affected by crime during an awareness ceremony at Mozingo.

The city of Maryville approved a large contract with a local bank, financing for 12 new pieces of turf maintenance equipment at Mozingo Lake Recreation Park.

Maryville is equipped with a new state-requested stormwater management plan that intends to detect issues and improve local water management systems.

A Maryville man was arrested for suspected possession of child pornography and alleged child molestation April 5.