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Every year, a few Northwest students have the opportunity to co-author physics research papers through a National Science Foundation grant, but this year, a student had the opportunity to be the lead author on a paper that is being considered for publication in a national physics journal. Read more


In a red “Make America Great Again” baseball cap sat 69 names scribbled onto small blue pieces of paper. At the end of the of the College Republicans meeting, one of those names would be the new owner of an AR-15 80% lower receiver.

“In the U.S., should private gun ownership be regulated by the federal government?” was the question posed at the first Student Senate debate.

Northwest has been recognized for its Academic Success and Retention Unit with an award from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, an organization that shows appreciation to members that exhibit excellence and success in new and innovative ways.

Before this year, three presidents in U.S. history underwent impeachment inquiries, with two having impeachment trials in the Senate, neither resulting in a removal from office. While this is the third in 40 years, this is the first inquiry in most students’ memories.