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An Illinois based band plays at a local dive bar with instruments made out of broken down home appliances. The bass guitar is made out of a washtub. One man plays the washboard. Another, a eucalyptus bamboo digeridoo. The band’s name is the Woodbox Gang and the lead singer, the man who made … Read more


Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. At the Northwest Beekeeping Club Ribbon Cutting ceremony April 22, a handful of students and staff gathered to release bees on campus. As more than 24,000 bees were relocated from their shipment packages and into hives, the sound of bees flying around became background nois…

The Northwest Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is working to redefine its mission and purpose to be more inclusive.

As students with hoodies pulled low over their eyes and coffees in hand file into a computer science lab at 8 a.m. and begin logging in, their professor enters with spirits high, opening his lesson with a pun about pointers; showing a photo of the dogs when talking about an object that store…

Colorful balloons and signs were attached to poles around campus as the Behavioral Science Association hosted the first I Will Listen 5K.

A sexual assault was reported April 15. The University Police Department gathers that the sexual assault happened Jan. 12 inside Tower Suites after a party.