Humane Society advocates to bring dog park to Maryville

The New Nodaway Humane Society is advocating for a dog park to be created in Maryville, while also working to determine if it would be beneficial to citizens. Pictured is Marquall Holman with dogs Rocko and Henny.

Maryville Parks and Recreation members have begun discussing the possibility of building a dog park again.

The original discussion for a dog park began in 2015 by a group of local pet owners and was brought up again during Parks and Recreation's Sept. 6 meeting.

Junior Mallory Kissinger is a part of Associate Professor Deborah Toomey’s marketing class and said the class is working to develop a survey to gauge Maryville citizens’ interest in a dog park.

“This research project is a statistically based project to see the overall interest of the general public to build a dog park in Maryville,” Kissinger said. “We conduct a survey that will be sent out to residents of Maryville (students and locals), to measure interest.”

Kissinger said she hopes the project helps the Humane Society in determining if a dog park would be good for Maryville.

“The end goal would be to gather enough information for our client, the board of the Nodaway Humane Society, for them to be able to decide if building a dog park would be beneficial,” Kissinger said.

Director of the New Nodaway Humane Society Wendy Combs said there are no parks that allow for dogs to be off their leashes. Combs said a dog park would be beneficial in this facet but would also help to socialize dogs.

“I think a dog park would be an asset to the community for sure because everybody likes to take their dogs out and let them run and play,” Combs said. “But, they don’t have anywhere around other than Mozingo and things like that, and they are supposed to be on a leash out there.”

Combs said she believes a dog park would even be beneficial to people who don’t live in the city.

“I think even when people visit they bring their dogs. So people coming in from other towns, if they have their dogs, they would utilize it as well,” Combs said.

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