South Main Corridor Improvement Project

Maryville Mayor Rachael Martin said the South Main Corridor Improvement Project is essential. The estimated budget for the project is $12.4 million. 

Maryville is getting closer to the completion of a high priority project by deciding to proceed with the engineering design of the South Main Corridor.

The city approved an agreement with SK Design Group Inc. out of Overland Park, Kansas, for engineering services for the South Main Corridor Improvement Project. The project has a $12.4 million estimated budget and is the focal point of Maryville’s efforts for overall city improvement.

The project, which has been in the development process since 2015, intends to create an ideal road design and reduce any disruption or inconvenience to those traveling on the popular corridor.

A timeline report presented by City Manager Greg McDanel March 11 set the completion of engineering to Nov. 1. It outlined design to be finished by March 1, 2020, and bids awarded by June 8, 2020.

Construction is expected to begin June 30, 2022, and be swiftly completed by August.

Orscheln store manager Matt Blackney said the project will provide a good first impression of the city for visitors.

“I think business would remain steady, and the project will be great,” Blackney said. “I’m for it.”

SK Design would be responsible for all aspects of construction, including periodic site visits and the final inspection of the project for an additional $333,200, according to the Nodaway News Leader.

McDanel said SK Design has completed projects well for the city in the past.

“They have a knowledge of the town and have built relationships with the community through hard work on infrastructure projects that mean a lot to this city,” McDanel said.

SK Design worked on the Fourth Street road pavement and archway, the reconstruction of Munn Avenue and other past city improvement plans including a traffic study of South Main in 2015.

The traffic study was conducted to determine the best way to serve existing and future travel demands along South Main Street from South Avenue to the Highway 71 bypass, according to the city website.

The study included observing traffic flow, driving lane designs, utility systems, drainage systems, the ability of non-motorized travelers to maneuver and other navigation issues on South Main.

It found that minor improvements of the area like adding pedestrian features would greatly increase traffic flow and overall accessibility.

Mayor Rachael Martin said the project is essential.

“South Main is likely the most traveled corridor in our community,” Martin said. “The functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing completion of its overhaul is the single most important focus for the next 36 months.”

Maryville voters approved the renewal of a half-cent capital improvement sales tax in 2017, helping fund a part of the $12 million budget.

In 2018, the U.S. Department of Transportation awarded Maryville $10.4 million in Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development grant funds.

USDOT selected a total of 91 projects to fund throughout the United States from 850 applications. Of those, only three were in Missouri, one being the Maryville South Main Improvement Project.

Martin said national recognition is one of the most notable events for the city in her five years serving.

“The attention and funds from USDOT for the South Main Improvement Project are the most significant and valuable events in my time on council,” Martin said. “Maryville is very fortunate to have administration and partners that not only completed the complex application but did so in a thorough and strategic manner to win the funding.”

Local Taco John’s store manager Dave Williams said the project is good long-term.

“There’s no way to tell how it will affect business as construction is happening, but it will be a good deal for Maryville in the long run,” Williams said.

Mayor Martin said the project is part of a comprehensive approach to the betterment of Maryville.

“This project is comprised of many components, as we are taking an all-inclusive approach,” Martin said. “When we are finished, people will not believe what we started with.”

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