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Student Senate updated the organization recognition process which now requires leadership to attend special training sessions in order to learn how to use Bearcat Link System.

The new recognition process goes into effect this semester. The first training will be held April 6 and April 20 in the J.W. Jones Student Union Boardroom.

Student Senate’s goal with this new training is to be sure that clubs and organizations are aware of the processes and stay up to date in Bearcat Link.

“At the start of each year, they have to go into Bearcat Link and re-register their organization,” Bailey Hendrickson, president of the Organizational Affairs Committee, said, “but we have been struggling with is not all organizations aren’t knowledgeable on how to re-register.”

The reason the new training has been added is because organizations aren’t fully aware of how to re-register each academic year.

The new training was added in order to help familiarize the organization leaders with the Bearcat Link system in order to help the re-registration process go by quicker and to allow the organizations to stay up to date.

The Bearcat Link system is a platform that allows the leadership of clubs to keep their organizations up to date and keep members updated.

“It only takes about five minutes to do the whole thing, and they just have to fill out a form to update their exec board,” Hendrickson said.

Hendrickson said that this new training has been added in order to help get organizational leaders more educated on the process.

“When the transitioning process is happening, they’re not sure on what the next steps are to take,” Hendrickson said. “By adding this training process, we’re hoping that it’ll get them more knowledgeable on that.”

The training will consist of teaching the executive boards how to navigate Bearcat Link and keep their organizations up to date.

Connor Thompson, vice president of the Organizational Affairs Committee, said that the biggest problem that they, the organizations, have been running into is not accurately knowing how to update their organization in Bearcat Link. Adding new general information about the organization and keeping members up to date.

It is recommended that organizations send at least two of the people on the executive team so multiple people are aware of how to operate the system.

If an organization chooses not to re-register after being sent reminders, its Bearcat Link will be frozen. They will still be able to operate as an organization, but they will not receive help from the Student Senate, unless they go through the recognition process again. With the lack of help from the Student Senate, organizations will not be able to get tables on the second floor of the Student Union to promote their organization and will not receive funding from the Student Senate.

The only organizations that will be exempt from this training are sports organizations.

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