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Interim President Green gives a speech to University and Mosaic officials and representatives, praising the Mosaic’s partnership and donation with the University.

Representatives from the Mosaic Medical Center - Maryville and Northwest held a press conference at 11 a.m. on Sept. 27. in the circle drive by Martindale Hall to publicly announce Mosaic’s $250,000 pledge to the Northwest Foundation for the ongoing renovations to Martindale Hall. Speakers included Interim President Clarence Green, Director of Corporate Relations Jill Brown, Director of Health Science and Wellness Terry Long, Interim CEO of Mosaic Mike Poore and President of Mosaic Medical Center - Maryville Nate Blackford.

Martindale is one of the oldest buildings on campus, constructed in 1926, with the latest renovations in 1973. The total cost of the project has been estimated to be no more than $1.3 million, with $300,000 coming from the University’s capital budget and $1 million from private donors.

The press conference began with Brown saying a few words and introducing Green. Green said the Martindale Hall project is the number one project that the University has focused on. Green also said that Governor Mike Parson had asked Northwest for a transformation project. According to Green, the state has invested $8.5 million into Martindale Hall, and the University has to match the funds.

“Martindale Hall and the School of Health Science and Wellness is worthy of that investment,” Green said. “The School of Health Science produces employees for a job sector that is in very high demand in the health care fields. Also, this project and this renovation will allow us to really improve our services that we offer and offer those services in a more engaging atmosphere.”

Green also said the University will also focus on technology improvements, the experience and professional-based learning for the future of students. 

“Mosaic’s gift is great for us. It’s also going to help us meet our match because we’re dealing with an extremely tight timeline of raising our matching funds by December of 2024,” Green said. “So again, I want to say thank you to our partners at Mosaic Life Care, and we look forward to continuing our relationship together.”

Long spoke next, saying that Mosaic’s donation to the project is a big help for the renovations overall, and the project so far has been going great.

“Pretty much every student on campus at some point in time is taking a class or using a facility in Martindale Hall,” Long said. “So it really is a truly impactful project, you’d be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck with any improvement project on campus.”

Long also said the renovations will align the academic programs with industry needs and attract more students. 

Blackford spoke next, saying how proud he and Mosaic is to be assisting the University with such an extensive and expensive project.

“Mosaic is incredibly proud of our partnerships with Northwest Missouri State, from our partnership in sports medicine, to the Wellness Center, to internships and other academic endeavors,” Blackford said. “Partnerships are critical to both our organization’s success and are mutually beneficial.”

Blackford said both Northwest and Mosaic have a winning culture, and his donation is a huge step forward in growing the collective workforces of both organizations closer together. 

“I think we’ve got a great partnership with Mosaic Life Care, and I think we have hope for the future to build upon what we have. I think this $250,000 gift towards this project is going to be monumental,” Green said. “December 2024 is when we have to have the matching funds in place, and we’re gonna make that goal. We’re going to make it happen.”

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