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Maryville Public Safety has arrested a suspect in relation to the attempted armed robbery at City Star convenience store Jan. 29 around 9:45 p.m.

According to a Facebook post from Maryville Public Safety, a juvenile male was arrested in regards to the robbery.

“The juvenile male was taken into the custody without incident with the assistance of the Nodaway County Sheriff’s Department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol,” the Facebook post said. “The case has been turned over to the 4th Circuit Juvenile Office.”

According to a news article previously published in The Missourian, this is not the first time the store has experienced a robbery as the store was robbed at gunpoint in November of 2015.

Mandalyn, who only wishes to be identified by her first name, was the clerk working the night of the Jan. 29 robbery. She said the suspect did not raise any suspicions when he first entered the store.

“Everything seemed normal, he questioned me on getting some chew then changed his mind to a roll of chew if we had it,” Mandalyn said. “I went in the back to go get it came back to the register and rang the item up.”

However, after this exchange, Mandalyn said the suspect told her he was going to need all the money too.

“I look down at his hands and he had a little silver pistol drawn on me,” Mandalyn said. “I then took a step back to remove myself from the line of fire while grabbing my phone off the register and said: ‘I can't do that.’ Honestly, I do not know why I said that but then he responded with "OK, thanks," grabbed the roll of chew and walked out.”

This calm exchange between Mandalyn stood out to a lot of people who listened to the audio released by public safety. Mandalyn said she stayed as calm as she could during the situation in order to keep herself safe.

“I honestly think it might be due to the fact I have prior gun knowledge from taking hunters safety courses to educate myself instead of just being afraid of them,” Mandalyn said. “The only things that were really on mind during the event was my family and how to end this ordeal without someone losing their life.”

Mandalyn said she has since resigned from her job and is still reliving the experience in her head.

“I haven't been able to sleep well,” Mandalyn said. “The last couple nights since it happened when trying to go to sleep I see him, I hear his voice and I see that gun. I'm amazed that he chose not to use it.”

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