COVID-19 Wellness testing

During the Wellness Center's COVID-19 testing Aug. 21, staff nurse Rachel Peter explains to a drive through patient how to use the test to get the best results. Peter, along with other doctors at the Wellness Center, were on their feet to get cars through quickly.

The active COVID-19 cases in Nodaway County climbed from 75 to 125 over the weekend of Aug. 20, and the total death count rose to three.

Nodaway County encompasses the cities of Barnard, Burlington Junction, Clearmont, Conception Junction, Elmo, Graham, Hopkins, Maryville, Parnell, Pickering, Ravenwood and Skidmore. As of Aug. 23, there have been 331 cases of COVID-19 in the county, 140 of which have involved Northwest students or staff. 

Of the 62 new cases Aug. 20-23, 44 were people between the ages of 10 and 29, according to Nodaway County Health Department press releases. Aug. 20, the University began testing students who attended events where an attendee tested positive. The University mass-tested 78 students Aug. 21, Northwest Communication Manager Mark Hornickel said in an email. 

Fifty two of the Nodaway County's 125 active COVID-19 cases involve Northwest students or staff members, an increase of more than 400% since classes started Aug. 19, when Northwest was monitoring 11 active cases among the University community.  

Right now, the Wellness Center is only testing those who have been contacted by the University.

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